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With our many years of experience in arable farming, we have a great deal of practical expertise in the field of products and the market. Our experts are therefore in a great position to advise you on when certain products are available and where, when it is the right time to buy and how we can get them to their destination in the most economical and efficient way. Thanks to the extensive experience and continuous training of our employees, we are always up to date with current regulations and the correct shipment documentation. We put all of this knowledge to good use on a daily basis to ensure the quality of our products.

World player

Holland Agri Foods exports to more than 70 countries around the world, including numerous South American, African and Asian countries. Having conducted a lot of business with these countries, Holland Agri Foods is well aware of all of their different working methods and regulations. In the field of transport, Holland Agri Foods’ experience comes into its own in planning its transport logistics in the correct and most efficient way. To ensure the quality of the products, Holland Agri Foods always has the appropriate form of transport at its disposal (correct temperature, ventilation and air humidity).


Holland Agri Foods attaches great importance to reliability. We only load the products after careful quality control at our packagers’ premises. Our products often have to make long sea voyages to other continents so only the highest-quality products make the grade.


Thanks to our extensive network of customers and processors in more than 70 countries around the world, we are always able to meet your demand for specific products. This network has also enabled us to form many contacts and close partnerships with various transport companies and shipping lines.

Our own products

Holland Agri Foods has more than 1,800 hectares of its own agricultural land in the Noordoostpolder. This in-house cultivation capacity means that you can buy many of our products directly from the source, providing even greater certainty about the quality and availability of the products.

Holland Agri Foods

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