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Dutch Farm Plan’s experts have been supplying knowledge and experience for the development and construction of dairy farms, dairy processing facilities and agricultural businesses for more than 15 years. Dutch Farm Plan has developed various activities to serve investors, dairy companies, dairy farmers and arable farmers. Our approach focuses on realistic and feasible expectations. Our team of experts, born and raised on dairy farms and arable farms, have extensive international experience in the development, realisation and management of such companies.


We have built various dairy farms, dairy companies and arable farming businesses of different sizes, from 100 – 10,000 hectares and accommodating between 500 and 10,000 head of cattle. Projects include various buildings, such as warehouses for potatoes, onions, etc., dairy factories, milking and young livestock sheds, feed storage silos, storage facilities, manure storage and livestock farms. Our designs include the latest technology in data collection, dairy production, crop support technology and mechanisation, milking technology, ventilation, manure processing and cattle comfort.


Dutch Farm Plan offers unique and active management support worldwide and business managers can count on a 24/7 service centre to help them with urgent matters. Examples include problems with cultivation (construction) plans, manure and mineral management, crop protection issues, livestock-related problems, such as sudden decreases in production requiring changes to rations, and mechanical problems. Dutch Farm Plan offers its customers a comprehensive service.

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