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Nice to meet you

Our mission? Introducing the world to our pure products from Dutch soil. Our goal? Providing the world with our healthy vegetables from our own cultivation. Our method? Conquering the world with our down-to-earth approachand with control over the production chain. Holland Agri foods. We can and we dare. Nice to meet you.

Behind the scenes

Everything about us, our products, our team and what it is exactly that we can and dare, will be described on our new website. Behind the scenes we are working hard on this. We ask you to be patient for a little longer.

Get in touch

Can’t wait and want to know more now? Or do you have a specific question? Please contact us.

It is with great pleasure and pride that we tell you everything about what Holland Agri Foods can do for you.

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Ecopark 75B, 8305 BJ, Emmeloord, the netherlands
+31 527 630 500 | info@hollandagrifoods.nl

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